Thursday, February 19, 2004

Fish oil capsules lower in contaminants: study

2/19/04 - CTV News

Avis Favaro,CTV News Medical Specialist

Two months ago, a study was released showing farmed salmon contained higher levels of pollutants -- pesticides and PCBs -- than wild salmon.

Following up on that study, CTV News has looked into the contaminants of fish oil capsules, which are touted as a healthy alternative.

Health Canada urges us to eat a gram a day of fish to get the benefits of the fish oils rich in nutrients called omega 3 fatty acids that seem to protect against a number of diseases.
Yet, after the study on toxins in farmed salmon, some scientists recommended consumers in North America consider eating farmed salmon just once a month.

Some suggested fish oil capsules as a healthy alternative. But the question remained -- how do contaminants in fish oil capsules compare to those found in the fish themselves?

CTV commissioned a study of its own, to measure the contaminants found in fish capsules from dozen manufacturers.

The results were surprising. Not only do the capsules contain the beneficial fatty acids in high concentrations, but they are also cleaner than the fish they came from.

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